Looking for a 200PAX to 350PAX catamaran -Budget not to exceed AUD1m


Dr Deo Harorimana


  • Offer type Ship for sale
  • Type Ro-Ro/Passenger Ship
  • Length Min. 20 Max. 60 m
  • Width Min. 10 Max. 30 m
  • Request made on: 2023-11-05


I am looking for a serious seller for a quick sale for a 200PAX to 350PAX catamaran with -Budget not to exceed AUD1m. Delivery to Honiara Ports. Inspection will be quickly organise for a fair deal maker. Ship must be operational or near ready to commence service within inter-islands with a month of two to Dec 2023. No chain. we are the buyer's and direct owners are preferred to sell to us. Must be 15knots and above. Can operate in coastal and open seas.

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