Cutter Suction Dredger 450 mm

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Vosta LMG


  • Offer type Design
  • Type Cutter Suction Dredger
  • Year of construction 2021
  • Length 36m
  • Width 7.6m
  • Depth 2,5m

  • Deadweight 140T metric tons

  • Asking price Price on request


The VOSTA LMG CSD 450 is a robust and dismountable dredger able to work in canals, rivers and coastal area’s. Besides delivering fully operational dredging vessels Vosta also happily assists in the delivery of Engineering and component packages for the CSD 450 and any other type of dredger.

- Lowest price per cubic meter at a wide range of jobs
- Optimization of shallow water operation
- Minimization of vibration level
- Maximum of allover operation efficiency due to:
• Optimization of anchor/spud maneuver
• Operation with high efficient cutter head
- Special patented cutter teeth of highest wear resistance
- Operation with high efficiency dredge pump with optimized suction performance
- Operation with approved dredge control/monitoring system, automation of dredging process

- Length overall: 36 meters
- Breadth: 7,6 meters
- Main pontoon height: 2,5 meters
- Dredging depth 2/14 meters
- Total installed power: 866 kW
- Cutting power: 108 kW
- Pump power: 634 kW

- Spud tilting system
- Anchor Booms
- Swivel bend
- Dredge monitoring system
- Production measuring system
- Harbor set
- Spud carrier
- Mooring equipment
- Propulsion system
- Accommodation, 4 crew
- Hydrophore
- Lavatory
- Classification inland waters
- Classification coastal waters

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