RoRo Cargo Ship

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Lager Maritime Corp.


  • Offer type Ship for sale
  • Type Ro-Ro Cargo
  • Year of construction 1978
  • Length 151m
  • Width 20m

  • Asking price $ 5 500 000


COMMENTS This is a 496’ 8,616 ton Deadweight RoRo Vessel built in 1978 in Japan. It is INSB Class. There is a large stern ramp and an interior vehicle elevator. There are about 1,400 lane meters for trucks, containers and vehicles. The ship has a service speed of 15 knots. GENERAL INFORMATION Built: Hyundai Shipbuilding Co Ltd Year Built: 1977 Delivered: 1978 Type: Ro-Ro Class: INSB Length B.P.: 137 M L.O.A.: 151 M Breadth: 19.90 M Depth To Main Deck: 7.75 M Freeboard: 462 mm Draft Fully Loaded: 7.32 M Displacement Tons: 14,744 T Net Tons (Itc): 3,995 Tons Reg. Tons (Itc) (Gross): 13,117 Tons Deadweight Tons: 8,616 Tons Ton/Cm Immersion: 27.4 Speed: 15 Knots Number Of Decks: 3 VEHICLE CARGO DECKS Stern Doors: 12.6 M Wide X 15.6 M High Lift Elevator: 19 M (Main Deck To Tank Top) Lane Meters/Deck: Upper 625 LM Main 587.5 LM Tank Top 187.5 LM Rump Clearing Height: 5 M Height of Main Deck: 6.5 M Height of Lower Deck: (Tank Top) to Car Deck Abt 5.40 Mtrs (With Car Deck Up). With Car Deck Down, Height From Tank Top To Car Deck Abt 3.90 Mtrs Height Car Dk/Main Dk: Abt 1.70 Mtrs. MACHINERY Main Engines: 2 X Pielsticks 12 Cyl 12 Pc 25v, 2 X 7,800 Bph Total Power: 15,600 Bhp M.E. Fuel Consumption: 36 Tons/day Generators: 2 X Daihatsu 650 Kva BHPHS To- 26d 840 HP per Shaft Generators: 2 X Taito Elect.Mfc 950 Kva BPK 8054348 HP 950 Emergency Generator: 1 x Yanmar 120 Kva 6KFL BHP 145@1200 Rpm Propellers: 2 Bow Thruster: 1 Shaft: 2 Rudders: 2

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