DP2 Subsea OSV

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Lager Maritime Corp.


  • Offer type Ship for sale
  • Type Offshore Supply Vessel
  • Year of construction 1991
  • Length 87m
  • Width 17m

  • Asking price $ 3 750 000


COMMENTS This is a 285’ Ice Class DP2 Multi-Role Offshore Supply Vessel built in Norway in 1991. It is equipped to handle liquid and dry bulk cargoes. Additionally, the vessel was converted for IMR/ROV/Subsea operations with the addition of 60 mt AHC Crane, A-Frame, mezzanine deck and ROV, LARS, and USBL through-hull penetration. The ship is fully operational. FEATURES 45-ton SWL A-frame USBL Transponder System for Subsea Positioning 60t AHC Offshore Crane Mezzanine Deck ROV, LARS Through Hull USBL System DP2 Dynamic Positioning FIFI 1 Fire Fighting Ice Class Oil Recovery 817 m2 Deck Space Year Built: 2004 Builder: Ulstein Verft, Ulsteinvik - Norway Classification: Det Norske Veritas Class Notation: +1A1 Supply vessel DYNPOS(AUTR) E0 Ice(C) SF BIS Dk(+) UL(2,5) T-MON PMS OILREC ISM LFL DIMENSIONS LOA: 87.10 m/285 ft 9 in LBP: 74.30 m/243 ft 9 in Beam: 17.50 m/57 ft 5 in Depth Mld: 7.30 m/23 ft 11 in Draft Max: 6.13 m/20 ft 1 in Design Draft: 6.20 m/20 ft 4 in Gross Tonnage: 2,775 mt Deadweight (Summer): 3,750 mt DECK LOADING CAPACITIES Deck Measurements: 57.00 m x 14.60 m Clear Deck Area: 817 m2 Deck Cargo Capacities: 2,380 mt DECK EQUIPMENT Anchor Chain: 10 x shackles SB 9 x shackles PS Anchors: 3 off SPEK type (2 service + 1 Spare) Anchor Windlass: Hydraulic combined windlass mooring winch Capstans: 2 x 10 mt combines bollards/capstans positioned SB and PS aft. Deck Cranes: 1 x hydraulic pedestal mounted telescopic crane. 2 mt @ 10m Make: Hydralift Tugger Winches: 1 x 10 mt Norwinch 1 x 16.4 mt Norwinch BULK TANK CAPACITIES Bulk Cement Tanks: 5 x tanks, total 286 m3 Bulk Discharge: 2 x compressors, each 26.6m3 at 5.6 bar,(80psi) Designed discharge rate 100 mt/ hour each compressor. LIQUID TANK CAPACITIES Dedicated/Tanks Combined Tanks Marine Diesel Oil: 811.7 m3/1,355.9 m3 Heavy Fuel Oil: 318.5 m3/318.5 m3 Slop Tanks: 603.8 m3/810 m 3 Drill Water/Ballast: 603.8 m3/810 m3 Mud (SG 2.5): 603.8 m3/810 m3 Brine (SG 2.5): 606.4 m3/1018.8 m3 Methanol (LFL): 177 m3 Special Products: 220 m3 (eg H2S Scavenger) Sewage Tanks: 12.3 m3 Fresh Water: 577 m3 LIQUID DISCHARGE Fuel Oil Pumps: 1 x pump, @ 0-250m3/hr @ Δ 9 bar Brine Pumps: 2 x pumps, @ 0-100m3/hr @ Δ 20 bar -2 systems Liquid Mud Pumps: 2 x pumps, @ 0-75m3/hr @ Δ 18 bar-2 systems Special Product Pumps: 2 x pumps, @t 0-100m3/hr @ Δ 20 bar Drill Water Pumps: 1 x pump, @ 0-278m3/hr @ Δ 9 bar Fresh Water Pumps: 1 x pump, @t 0-250m3/hr @t Δ 9 bar Methanol Pumps: 1 x pump, @ 0-100m3/hr @ Δ 9 bar Discharge Piping: All discharge pipes are 6” diameter MACHINERY Main Engines: 2 x BRM-6 -6 cylinders diesels, Bore/Stroke 320 mm x 360 mm, HP Rating 3,300 BHP each. Total Power: 6,600 BHP @ 750 RPM Propulsion: 2 x Ulstein 600 AGSC variable pitch propellers Diameter/Speed 2,900mm—215rpm Bow Thrusters: 2 x Ulstein 375 TV0C each 1,000 BHP Stern Thrusters : 2 x Ulstein 150 TV0A each 800 BHP Shaft Generators: 2 x 2,300 kVA each Generators: 2 x Caterpillar diesel each 450 kVA Emergency Generator: 1 x 250 kVA Electric Power: 440 V/ 220V—60Hz SPEED/CONSUMPTION (weather dependant) Max Speed: 12.0 Knots on 19.0 m3/24 hr Economy Transit: 10.0 Knots on 10.0-12.0 m3/24 hr Standby Offshore: 5.0 m3/24 hr DP Operations: 10.0-12.0 m3/24 hr Dockside: 1.0 m3/24 hr DYNAMIC POSITIONING SYSTEM Class Type: DYNPOS-AUTR IMO Class 2 Reference Systems: 1 x SAAB R4AIS Shipbourne 1 x Fugro Seastar 9200 G2 Sensors: 2 x wind sensors 3 x gyro compasses 2 off Motion Reference Units (MRU) BRIDGE/MANOEUVERING Bridge Controls: 2 complete bridge control stands Loading/Discharging: Remote monitoring of all tanks including loading/discharging operations and start/stop of all pumps. NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT Radars: 1 x Furuno FR2135S 3 cm ARPA 1 x Furuno FR2135S 10cm ARPA Chartplotter: Telchart 2024 Gyro Compass: 3 x S.G Brown Meridian Gyro Autopilot: 1 x Simrad AP70 Echo Sounder: 1 x Skipper GDS 101 with digital depth indicator Navtex: 1 x Shipmate RS 6100 DGPS: 1 x Furuno GP80/GR80 AIS: 1 x Gommnav X3 LRIT: 2 x Inmarsat—Sat C Log: 1 x JRC 203 Doppler Log with remote displays COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT GMDSS: Installation in accordance/IMO regs for vessels operating within Sea Area A1, A2 and A3 Radio Transceivers: 1 x Skanti DSC 9000 1 x Skanti TRP 8760 SSB 800 W DSC: Skanti TRP 7200 SSB 200W GMDSS VHF: 3 x AXIS 250 portable VHF VHF: 2 x Sailor RT2047. 1 x Midland Marine Neptune GMDSS EPIRB: 1 x SIMRAD, EP70 GMDSS SART: 2 x SIMRAD SA70 Watch Receiver: 1 x Skanti WR 6020 UHF: 4 x portable Motorola GP900, 99 channels Portable VHF: 3 x Icom portable VHF hand held radios Satelite System: FBB 500—communication system for phone and internet Satelite Comms: Inmarsat Mobile Telephone: Cellphone system Internet Dedicated Client: Inmarsat link Sat TV: System SeaTel ACCOMODATION Single Cabins: 8 x single cabins Double Cabins: 4 x double cabins Multiple Cabins: 2 x 6 berths, 1 x 4 berth Total # Cabins: 14 Total # Berths: 32 Optional Max POB: 44 Office: 1 Hospital: 1 can be converted as required Messroom: 1 Day Room: 1 Gym: 1 Laundry: 1 Galley: 1 Dry Provision Store Room: 1 Refrigeration Room: 1 Freezing Room: 1 LIFESAVING/RESCUE Rescue Boat: Weedo 700 FRC, SOLAS & DNV compliant, 10 person capacity Life Rafts: 4 x 25 person rafts 1 x 10 person raft Davit: Vestdavit, PLR 3601 SOLAS compliant FIREFIGHTING Active firefighting System: Designed to fight external as well as on deck fire. Fire-fighting System: FIFI I, DNV approved Fire-fighting Foam: AFFF alcohol resistant Fire-fighting Pumps: 2 x Jason Engineering OGF250 x 350CW, 1650m3/hr each. Water Monitor: FM200HD-C-02, 1200m3/hr Length of Throw: 120 m Water Monitor: 50 m OPERATION SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT Mezzanine Deck: 1 x 17.5m L x 5.8m W x 3.5m H, DNV Approved 60 mt AHC Subsea Crane: TTS 60 mt AHC knuckle boom crane Main Winch 60t @ 15m Main wire 2000m Aux Winch 15t @ 23m (man riding) Aux wire 207m A-frame - 45t SWL (22.5t man riding) Suitable for Hyperbaric Rescue Option for AHC winch Marine Crane: 1 x HIAB Seacrane 201-3 Knuckleboom Telescoping 2000kg at 6.5m Titan TC3 Winch, 125m length winch wire Subsea Positioning Thru Hull: USBL transponder deployment system used to deploy USBL transducer for subsea positioning and survey Survey Control container on main deck can be installed for project use ROV Capability: Can operate a range of Remotely Operated Vehicles depending on project requirements.

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